Boys and Girls Club of Passaic and Paterson

The Boys and Girls Club can seem like a simple after school activity while waiting for mom and dad to get home from work, but it is something entirely of its own. The Boys and Girls Club is a family itself and they love, protect, and support one another through everything. These children face countless obstacles and risks that prevent them from growing into the bright young people that they are. Being able to escape to the Club every day is a major reason that most of these kids get away from the path that so many of their peers fall into. The Club is built not only to protect them, but also as a gateway for self-discovery in ways they would have never imagined. Coming here, kids are able to see what they can really be, and that their reality is not the only one out there. They have so much potential, and the Club is there to give them the opportunities they had never dreamed of. No matter what a child’s talent or passion is, the Club is there to support them. From music to dance, swimming to basketball, and science and computer skills, the Club offers everything a child could need to discover their passion and purpose.

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Stuff the bus is a program that the Club runs to collect proper school supplies for the kids. Participants have the option to set up times and places for a pick up or drop off of supplies they have, or they can simply go to a select few of the Moe’s Southwest Grill’s in the area and drop off what they have in a designated box. These donations allow the Club kids a better opportunity to do well in school. It is difficult to keep up with your lessons if you only have one notebook for every class, or continually run out of pens and pencils. Having a proper backpack to carry all of your stuff around is essential, and some kids do not even have that. Giving your extra or outgrown supplies can help relieve you of clutter and improve the Club kid’s education.

Power hour is an after school homework assistance program for Club kids ages 6-18 from Monday to Thursday. This program has resulted in 100% of the kids completing their homework. The Club members are provided the tools and time to help improve their academic grades as well as mind set. Power hour is there to inspire kids to do their work and do it well. Having such a huge support system standing behind them every day is empowering and definitely makes it easier for them to believe that they can accomplish this task. It can be discouraging when a child sits alone struggling with a homework problem, but when they always have someone to turn to and ask for help, homework does not seem like such an impossible feat anymore.

Brain Gain is the Clubs program that tries to prevent the “summer slide”. This is when kids come back to school with a loss of experience from the previous year. When children go on summer vacation, they experience what is called a “summer slide”. When this happens, it can be a struggle to get back into the swing of things as quickly as the curriculum expects you to. The Clubs brain gain program is there to prevent this. The main goal had been to have 0% reading loss, but what they accomplished was 85% of children going back to school with an increased reading level and ahead of the curve. This is another way to inspire passion in education for the Club kids. Seeing that they actually can be at the top of the class and they do have the ability to do well and be the best is essential to a growing mind.

Reading super heroes is a sponsorship and volunteer program set up to help the Club kids with their reading skills. Volunteers read to children from ages 5-13, then partner up with them for learning activities and to help them pick books that they later take home from the book fair. Each volunteer is there for two hours and work together in teams for five to handle 15 kids. Throughout their time together they read as a group, do individual reading sessions, arts and crafts activities, and go to the book fair so the kids can pick out their favorites to bring home. This is yet another program that inspires the children to read and develop a passion for it. They get so much attention and dedication to their education that it is difficult for them to not have an interest in it themselves. When they see the backing they have and how many people want them to succeed that pushes their confidence through the roof.

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Let’s Hear it for the Boys—and Girls

Corporate philanthropy is a way of life for most companies, and Haier America is no exception when it comes to getting involved. As a company that creates products for home and the business of living, it’s a natural for us to try to help improve the lives of those who need it the most. To that end, Haier has extended itself to a number of organizations in the surrounding community, most notably the Boys & Girls Club of Paterson & Passaic.

Since moving to New Jersey, Haier America has been a supporter of the Boys & Girls Club of Paterson & Passaic, or BGCPPNJ. Part of the larger Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the BGCPPNJ serves over 1,100 children, ages 5 to 18 with the mission of helping them reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. The club offers academic, athletic and artistic programming at 10 sites in two of New Jersey’s most challenging communities.

The BGCPPNJ is a place where kids can go for after-school programs and activities of all kinds, from homework assistance to leadership development to swim lessons—and even a day camp in the summer months. It’s a safe place for them to read, play, or just be. Although the club emphasizes homework first before leisure time, the BGCPPNJ wants each child to find comfort in the knowledge that it’s a secure spot for them to spend time. As a celebrated leader in youth development, Boys & Girls Clubs programming provides the resources and opportunities that children need to stay on track academically, graduate on time and grow into thriving, productive adults.

As part of the Boys & Girls Club family, Haier America has provided numerous resources to club kids as well as their families through various charitable endeavors. Over the past year, we helped with renovations on the BGCPPNJ clubhouse; sponsored the “Stuff the Bus” school supplies drive at back-to-school time; sponsored a Toy Drive at the holidays; gathered book donations at the Reading Heroes Corporate Challenge this spring; provided electronics utilized by club teens for an SAT prep course and by club kids for recreational use; and provided appliances to a family who lost everything recently when their home caught fire. Last, but not least, Haier employees have given their time and energy to serve on the BGCPPNJ board of directors and on the annual gala committee, both of which help provide the necessary guidance and financial resources that keep the Boys & Girls Club of Paterson & Passaic moving forward.

To learn more about the Boys & Girls Club of Paterson & Passaic visit their website.   

Haier America Supports The Boys & Girls Club of Paterson & Passaic

The Boys & Girls Club of Paterson & Passaic offers a safe, wholesome after school environment for kids age 5 through 18 to have fun and learn. During summer months, a day camp is offered.

Our professional staff and team of dedicated volunteers deliver a comprehensive array of high quality educational, social, and recreational programs. Annual membership costs only $8, allowing every child to join the Club.

Haier America has been proud to support a number of events this year including, READING HEROES ROCK!



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We’re more dedicated than ever to serving our customers and our communities. And this year we’re expanding our community-focused initiatives and taking a stand against bullying. We’ve launched the #NeverNotCaring social campaign to raise awareness of this nation-wide problem.

We’re more dedicated than ever to serving our customers and our communities. And this year we’re expanding our community-focused initiatives and taking a stand against bullying. We’ve launched the #NeverNotCaring social campaign to raise awareness of this nation-wide problem

Technology lets the bullies follow you home, and nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online. 1 in 4 of them has had it happen more than once. It’s time for us to speak out and help kids stand strong against bullying. Please watch the short video below, share it, and use #NeverNotCaring to spread the word against bullying.

Haier Anti-Bullying Campaign

My Food Bank Experience

by Sami Savona

The date of August 1, 2013 marks the day of when The Harlem Food Bank changed my life forever. My experience of being a communications intern at Haier America has taught me hands on experience of being in the corporate industry, but has also given me the opportunity to volunteer for the day at the food bank in Harlem. This internship has made me more knowledgeable, not only in the business sense but as well as supporting the mission to end hunger.

During the well spent time at the Food Bank, I got to meet such amazing people such as some Haier employees and the chefs and workers at the Food Bank. You can see how appreciative and grateful the employees at the Food Bank were to have us in what they referred to as their home. The head chef told us all that when these people walk into the door, they are our guests, and we are their hosts. The Food Bank didn’t feel like a kitchen, it felt like a family gathered together to complete the task of bringing smiles to people that have misfortune in their lives.

Throughout the day, our tasks ranged from opening cold vegetables into a tray, to pouring diced pineapples into dishes. We needed to wear a hair net and gloves. If we touched anything dirty, we needed to wash our hands and change gloves. We were split up into groups so that we could help out the chef as much as possible. One group helped make the rice and used can openers to open the beef stew and the group that I was in had the job of adding seasoning and mixing butter into the cold string beans.  As everyone was making great time, we had the next task of organizing cups onto trays and pouring orange juice in each of the cups. Once all the cups were filled with orange juice, we all needed to work together to stack them in the refrigerator.

As soon as all of the trays of orange juice were stacked, we had lots of packets of tilapia that we all had to open and arrange tail-to-tail in metal trays. Before going on our lunch break, I had the opportunity to get interviewed from the cameraman about my experience of the Food Bank. It was such a great way to express the feelings of joy I had and I knew that I wouldn’t want to spend my day any other way.

As soon as we returned, the chef assigned us all different jobs. There was a tray of the cooked beef stew, string beans, and rice that was ready to be served. There were aluminum trays that were divided in three sections for each food to be served in. I had the job of filling the aluminum tray with the string beans. The chef showed us how big of a portion to include in each tray so once the rice was put into the tray, I poured the string beans, and then the beef stew, and once the trays were filled with the delicious food, the rest of the Haier employees had the job of closing the trays with the lids and stacking them into the fridge.

The day for volunteering was coming to a close, so the last thing we needed to do was roll plastic forks into napkins and place them in the basket. At the end of the experience, one of the chefs told us how happy and thankful he was to have us all here. His speech was beautiful and heartfelt. It was an emotional departure but as we all gathered around the chef asked for us to take a picture, so that he could frame it and put it in the kitchen as a memoir.

Everything about this Food Bank has changed my life. I have always heard of people talking about how amazing it was for them to volunteer at Food Banks but actually experiencing it for yourself makes you wonder why you haven’t been volunteering more often.  I find it so life changing to give back to the community and volunteering at the Harlem Food bank has encouraged me to do more great things. I want to volunteer in my community and change people’s lives for the better. I am so incredibly lucky to have met people that take the time out of their everyday lives to give back. I look up to them and they are truly an inspiration. I can honestly say that volunteering at the Harlem Food bank is one of the most memorable things I have ever done in my life and I am excited to make more impacting memories and I recommend anyone to do the same in their community!

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